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Boogie or Bust: Motown to Nashville in a finned Fury

For those of us who live in snowy Michigan, spring can’t come early enough. Our cars spend their winters under wraps in storage until a good string of 50-plus-degree days comes to pass. Last spring came with an invitation from my buddy Jim Krom and his wife, Joyce, to head down to Tennessee for the Nashville Boogie festival, a rockabilly and country music jamboree over Memorial Day weekend. My girlfriend, Elizabeth, desperate for a few days in the sun and a break from her energetic little ones, eagerly agreed to be my road-trip companion. Days off were scheduled and rooms were booked. The countdown was on until we hit the highway.

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Beautiful car.  I got to see it at the Amelia Island car show this past March 8.  One correction.  This car does not have a PowerFlite automatic.  It is a TorqueFlite.   PowerFlite was a two speed automatic introduced mid year in 1953 on Imperials and on the full range of Chrysler products in 1954.   Was a very fine transmission in it's own right but was replaced by the legendary TorqueFlite in late model year 1956.  It was sold as a budget automatic on Plymouths and Dodges till '61 but most buyers opted for TorqueFlite.  A PowerFlite equipped car would have had 4 and not 5 push buttons.