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Hagerty Employee

Boogie or Bust: Motown to Nashville in a finned Fury

For those of us who live in snowy Michigan, spring can’t come early enough. Our cars spend their winters under wraps in storage until a good string of 50-plus-degree days comes to pass. Last spring came with an invitation from my buddy Jim Krom and his wife, Joyce, to head down to Tennessee for the Nashville Boogie festival, a rockabilly and country music jamboree over Memorial Day weekend. My girlfriend, Elizabeth, desperate for a few days in the sun and a break from her energetic little ones, eagerly agreed to be my road-trip companion. Days off were scheduled and rooms were booked. The countdown was on until we hit the highway.

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Pit Crew

You took a vegetarian to a Waffle House?  I thought that was against the Geneva Convention.


Hopefully it showed her the wrongness of her chosen lifestyle.

New Driver

Hi Todd, thansk for the reply. As a FYI; My other Mopars of that era were;
New Driver

Hi Todd, thanks for the reply. As a FYI; My other Mopars of that era were; 1962 Plymouth 2 Dr hardtop with a Stage I, Golden Commando 413, with a transplanted Hemi Torqueflite (rebuilt with a reverse pattern valve body, 2300 stall speed converter and major drag racing Mods, and x3 3.91/4.10/5.13 ratio, 8 3/4" Posi. Back then there was no Internet or any way to find real knowledge, so I sent a letter to the Mopar Performance group, and got back a letter (which detailed how to set up my Mopar to Ramchargers Specs.

Big plus getting to Nashville. Unlike Motown you can drive your favorite car all year long.