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Hagerty Employee

Bond femme’s Cougar XR-7 melds muscle with Euro flair

Sir Sean Connery may have been our favorite Bond, but George Lazenby’s lone shot at the role—in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service—was notable in that he offered a softer side of the British agent. Spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen the film: James Bond asks his love interest to marry him.


Marriage for 007? What’s next, casting a Mercury Cougar as the hero car? Yes, in fact. And now that hero car could be yours. A 1969 Mercury Cougar XR-7 convertible, one of three used in production, will cross the block at Bonhams’ Bond Street Sale in London on December 16. This is the first time that this particular car has been offered at auction.


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Intermediate Driver

What I noticed in the film was the British production sound editor used a British six cylinder sound loop in the edit when the Cougar was driving. Always bugged me.


not as bad as motorcyle sounds tracks, they always get the 4-stroke, 2-stroke noices mixed wrong. Sometimes I think they do this on purpose.

I've always heard that they cannot completely verify this car was in the movie.  The one in the race scene was completely destroyed and the other two were lost in time.  

Advanced Driver

In the novel,  she drove a Lancia,  and Fleming made considerable note of the terrific handling of the deDion-Bouton semi-independent rear suspension.  This is what sold me on the Alfa Alfetta.  


Man, when I was a kid, I vowed to marry Diana Rigg when I grew up.  But, I was also going to be Superman too.  Obviously neither ever happened.  Rest in peace beautiful Lady!

Pit Crew

Thank you for a great article. Please keep more Bond car stories like this coming. Universal Hobbies made 1/43rd scale model dioramas of 3 of the cars in the video at the race track. The bashed up Cougar, the bad guys Mercedes and the #11 Mini race car. All have fantastic detail including Bond and Tracy in the Cougar, the 4 bad guys in the Mercedes and driver in the Mini, plus all the skis mounted on the cars. Just an FYI for Bond and model collectors.


Still as cool now as she was in the movie, and also in The Avengers.  Wow...

New Driver

I think the real question here is when did the factory "Mag" wheels (0:06 - 0:09 mark) from the beginning of the chase get swapped out for the steel wheels when entering the track (1:23 - 1:28 mark)? That was some really quick pitstop!

Pit Crew

Thank you for this revealing article about my favorite bond film, bond actor/actress and ancillary bond getaway vehicle. There was always an assortment of interesting Ford vehicles employed in addition to the obligatory Aston Martin, in bond films. I died a little when the gorgeous blue Lincoln was crushed in goldfinger. Notable also, were the ‘71 thunderbird landau, and Mach1 in diamonds are forever, along with some notable Vegas strip driving skills. I wonder if they survived in a collection somewhere as well.

Pit Crew

One of the neighbor kids had a 69 with a 4 speed and the 428 SCJ. Triple black beauty. His girl friend wrecked it and blew up the motor in one fell swoop. Pretty sad ending for such a rare car. 

There was also a kid whose dad owned an XR-7 GT - E with a 427 and a C6. 

Being a teen in the 70’s I saw quite a few cars that were rare. But until the internet, you had no idea how rare they truly were. Between the insurance surcharge and the gas crunch, some of these were cheap to buy, but driving them was not at the time.



Pit Crew

Some of those actual cars I remember as a kid, I have found since I retired.
Pit Crew

Since I retired, my hobby has been to note when I find some of these cars again. The list includes a 1968 Hurst Olds, 1969 Trans Am, 1966 F85 L69 with a bench seat, 1970 Boss 302 sold at Scottsdale by the original owner, and my 1967 Z/28 sold at Scottsdale - I had sold it back in 1981.

I forgot about this one. You had me at "Cougar".


Lazenby did a pretty creditable job in the movie. But like most here would probably agree, few can match Sean Connery for the cool factor- particularly when he is first introduced at the card table in Dr. No.  My wife and kids think I'm nuts for enjoying the older Bond movies over and over, but part of the appeal is seeing the classic - just plain-jane 60s and 70s vintage - cars again and again.  They'll never be forgotten if you get to keep them in a video collection.


Skis should have been mounted tips aft on the rack for better rear down force.

Intermediate Driver

It's much staging as these Bonham photos had, if you look closely at the top front angle shot you can see the fresh oil leak under the engine!! Or, as a biker chick friend once corrected me when I noticed her Harley leak, that in fact it was "marking it's spot"

Looks like a rear main from the location of the puddle. Sort of begs the question, "Why go through the trouble of a resto and not address something so obvious?" I wonder how long this car has sat in storage, unused.