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Hagerty Employee

BMW’s most significant engine didn’t have six cylinders

Today’s car enthusiasts adore BMW’s remarkable inline sixes (L-6s), but it’s worth recalling that these engines descended from one of the world’s most astute L-4 designs.


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New Driver

Had a 1973 2002 that I had totally restored when I left Colorado. Should still be there. Had a few too many cars then and decided that my 87 535iS was better equipped to make the 2000 mile journey back east.

Intermediate Driver

Identical progression here as well.  Have driven high-performance 5s since 87, until now, a Panamera S.  But that 535 iS still beckons my brain cells and right foot....and left foot to stomp on that he-man clutch. Also, I thought the M 10 engine had Chrysler's "slant 6" in its design DNA.

The M10 story didn't even end there -- it was the basis for the development of the K100/K1100/K1200 series of motorcycles -- albeit in 50% scaled down form.  The engine's virtues -- ability to run at 80% of redline for days on end -- made it one of the most significant motorcycle engines ever built. 

Pit Crew

I'd always understood that the engine in the Brick was developed from a Peugeot design, heavily redesigned by BMW. Per Wikipedia... "In 1977, Josef Fritzenwenger presented a prototype using a PSA-Renault X-Type engine from a Peugeot 104.[7] The engine, which was installed in the 104 at a 72° angle, was laid flat in the frame with the crankshaft on the right, running parallel to the centre line of the frame.[5] This layout, for which BMW submitted a patent application, was well suited to BMW's traditional shaft drive..."


I'm happy to be dis-abused of this notion.


I absolutely ADORE my 1985 K100RS.

Pit Crew

 Pre-pandemic, I was down in Hilton Head SC for their amazing Concours Auto show.  As a   plebeian, I was shuttled in from a far-distanced parking lot along with a fellow bunch of 'commoners'.  We were all rather quiet, on the ride back, reminiscing on the beautiful day... only to be outshine by the gorgeous automobiles.

  I turned to my girlfriend, and said soto voice how amazing it was to see all these cars across decades and decades of history.  She asked..."If you had your pick, which one would you want to own and drive today?"  I said, without hesitation, if I had my favorite to drive again it would be my BMW 2002!

 Well, the Trolley became most lively, as a great percentage of men reminisced  about their 2002 ownership days!  The way the faces light up with great joy was amazing!

 I have owned BMW's since then....  a depressing second place trophy after capturing the first!


Delightful, insightful and educational, the trifecta of writing.  I thoroughly enjoyed this article.