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BMW's CSL Hommage may get manual, EU bans ICE after 2035, 5356-mile Hyundai econobox hits BaT

Intake: BMW has dropped the first official shots of a production-bound version of its CSL Hommage, first revealed as a concept in 2020. Although heavily wrapped in a camouflage stitched from images of other M cars, some key details are clear.
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"Brexit Britain has opted to ban gasoline and diesel engines in new cars in 2030". By the time 2030 arrives, questions about the UK market will be answered by "Who?"
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If you’re bidding on BAT, get a Pre Purchase Inspection before you bid, or go see the car first. I “won” a 2001 E39 BMW Sport with 63K without getting a PPI. My bad...the owner (who was a dealer) failed to disclose all the dents, dings, scratches, worn interior, old tires, etc. His pics and description made it look great. I paid three times what the car is actually worth. To BAT’s credit, they refunded my buyer fees, but the dealer would not offer any recompense.
While I accept blame for failing to get the PPI, I hold the dealer in the lowest regard (and BAT also). The dealer has since sold well in excess of $250K of cars on BAT. They’ve done nothing to hold him accountable for misrepresenting his cars.
And don’t try to provide negative comments on their website as they will delete your’s all happy talk. Let the buyer beware...the dealers are selling big time on BAT!

A CSL Hommage for $650k. That's crazy talk and an ugly car.

Europe banning ICE by 2035 and Britain by 2030 is shortsided and stupid.

An Elantra with barely any miles on it. If it stays as a cheap car it would be worth doing for a low cost daily but this would be silly to see as a $20k+ collector car.

Any time you have to put 'insanely epic' on something, it usually isn't
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And where are all the batteries coming from? How do you dispose of them when they have met their life expectancy? Why not at least accept the hybrid solution to reduce emissions? Or better yet, hydrogen power, cheap, plentiful, if not in cars, at least in heavy trucks and sea vessels. Do we really need to depend on other countries for the components and raw materials? I know, global economy?

At some point some of the politicians will clue in that hydrogen:


-can be made 100% under own country control

-has widespread industrial applications to reduce carbon or at least the illusionary math of negative carbon

-as it currently exists already beats the actual use issues around other EV (charging times...)

-Toyota has spent billions making this actually exist in vehicle form (rather than "future invention will make this work") and the newer model isn't even hideous looking



Biggest flaw is no government is stepping up to get the real infrastructure in place and/or seed the conditions to make it viable for Toyota to bring this forward all on their own. California pilot project needs more hydrogen plants and filling stations... let alone any place trying to do it beyond the pilot scale.


Banning ICE - I don't really think we are anywhere close enough into the EV experiment to herald the end of the ICE quite yet. I could pass a law today stating that all major cities must have a starship port by 2036 that would be equally meaningless

As far as the Hyundai... a low-mile car is a low-mile car. A buddy of mine bought a mid-90s F150 that had 20K miles on it for about $11K. He originally intended to 'collect' it, then eventually started using it as a just-plain pickup. When people questioned his wisdom, he said that even if he wears it out, it is basically a new pickup, and you can't touch a new pickup for 11K. I could see that Hyundai going for as much as 10K to someone who has zero interest in 'collecting' it

Banning ICE in Europe and their claim of 100% CO2 reduction is a pipe dream which will be the last few shovel loads of dirt that is their grave. Hopefully the west will wise up with sane political leadership and not follow them into the same.

Here is the trouble the mfgs are all onboard with ICE now due to regulations. They are not going to dump billions of dollars in investments even if you vote people out. 

Yes all this is bs and the time to fight this was 10 years ago. 


The HIGH COURT just bumped the EPA out of the regulation business so previous regulations by the unelected fraud known as the EPA may soon be taken to court. I believe the fossil industry my have a fighting chance after all.

My=may. Sorry.

I would think getting parts for older Korean cars would be problematic.
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They used a lot of parts bins form other manufactures, there is plenty of overlap.

I agree with CoreyG


I have also learned (from Australian gearheads) that while some stuff is rare or never really came to North America there are many instances of something being in production in some form in Malyasia and such for years.