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Hagerty Employee

BMW ponders $650K CSL Hommage, subtle glam for Phantom, Subaru honors Legacy

Intake: BMW is set to bring back the 3.0 CSL as an über-limited, coachbuilt special, reports . BMW showed its CSL Hommage in 2020, but at the time said it was just a concept. Fortunately, it seems, the Germans have had a change of heart.

Here are two solutions that spring from my coiled mind for tire pressure regulation: How about a proprietary fill valve that only judges have access to for setting and verifying pressures? Even easier: any unenforced rule should be stricken with no further consideration.

Advanced Driver

Subaru never made beautiful cars per say, but they went through a styling phase during the 00's to '14 or so when they looked kind of nice. Crosstrek, previous gen Forester, hatchback WRX/STI's-all kind of nice. Now they've turned a left, and are headed straight for Uglytown.

Fair points.

I love the "bugeye" 2000-2002 WRX and it is a type of car I don't normally look twice at.

The older boxy Foresters I didn't think much of, then a local person lowered one and stripped all badges, satin blacked it all out and it looked ridiculously good (and ironically impractical I suppose). More recent generations of Foresters are not distinct from anyone else's that kind of thing.
Intermediate Driver

After two older Legacy's I bought a 12 Outback 3.6R and love it. A little more aero than the Forester, and most importantly a real five speed automatic. I have over 120K miles on it with just normal service and tires. My expert expects that I can get 150+ with a timing chain replace. CVTs are junk trannys and reportedly blow up after 100K.

The CSL Hommage is ridiculous if it is priced that way. It looks better than the M4 it is based off but is priced quite silly. 50 fools and their money will soon be parted?

Remember the 2005 Subaru Legacy? Now that car looked good. The new Legacy is so boring looking it might become their least selling vehicle since the BRZ just got a new version.

For $650k, I'd rather restore my E-9 to the N'th degree then drive it regularly for the rest of my life.
Intermediate Driver

I restored and drove a 73 3.0 CSL homologation street version. I like the idea of requiring a limited release of a street version of these. Is this thing supposed to be licensable for the street?