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Hagerty Employee

BMW injects next-gen M240i with 47 extra horses, stiffer chassis | Hagerty Media

BMW's hooning its next-gen 2 Series Coupe around tracks and curvy back roads to put the finishing touches on its engine, chassis, and suspension tuning, and our first peek at the stats of the turbo straight-six powerplant under its hood are quite promising.
Pit Crew

Someone at BMW needs to know that since this is still a prototype mule, they still my have a chance have the front end have a reasonably sized grill. The "new and exciting" all grill front end like the M440i xDrive Coupe is an abomination. I live in a state that requires a front plate - the 440i has the plate brackets right in between the Huge new grill - why oh why are they bending to this new stying rage. Please stop making the front ends all grill - I'm talking to you Lexus, Toyota and all the styling lemmings following them in make these "bold" styling statements .
Alas, it looks like BMW has made a bold statement on their new grill choice for the 440 and perhaps all of their new cars. Soon we will all be driving electric cars with huge totally non functional grills.

BMW had the styling perfect in the 2000's. It looked like the car is actually turning its nose up at you. Especially the Bangle 5, that car's a baroque stunner. This hideous new grill makes more sense with a wide German plate going through it.
Lexus on the other hand was a massive snore in the 2000's, and I actually welcomed the predator grill. It works better in some places (previous Lexus IS, LC) than others (Lexus NX, LX). It was a nice touch on the previous LS, then they exploded it and overdid it. Toyota is the same, their design language is great on the previously boring RAV4 and Sienna, the Corolla outstyles the next Civic, but it looks kind of odd on the CH-R, and the Scion iM and Prius, yikes.
Interestingly, other products are starting to have the Darth Vader grill. Why is it on Ford F-150 tailgates, which otherwise have a very conservative front end? Why is it showing up on the front of HP Prodesk desktop computers?
Pit Crew

My first ever post above. Full of bad grammar and typos. Great way to start!
Community Manager

@SP_  have a look at this so you can edit your post and look like a grammar super star:



All it needs is to look like a hungry puffer fish and they'll have a winner on their hands.
Advanced Driver

I saw the new bmw grille the other. That **bleep** is hideous!!!