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Hagerty Employee

Black Friday: 7 of our favorite blacked-out factory models

Automakers from Rolls-Royce to Ram have offered blacked-out versions of all manner of vehicles over the past several years. It seems like you can’t visit a new car showroom without having some sort of special edition model targeting those that despise chrome. Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Ram have “Night Edition” models, Chevrolet and Nissan offer models with the slightly more specific “Midnight Edition,” and Honda gets right to the point with its “Black Edition” Ridgeline.


For Black Friday, we wanted to look back to find our favorite blacked-out vehicle options that paved the way for the current trends—love them or hate them­—that we’re witnessing today.


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Pit Crew

The Grand National and the GNX would be my pick. 

Pit Crew

You forgot the 1986 Shelby GLHS and Dodge Omni GLH Turbo.




Pit Crew

I like 'em all actually. If Kitt could do in real life what it does in Hollywood land it would be a slam dunk! But since we need to live in reality on a daily basis, Grand National would be my pick.


I believe the 1978 Dodge Midnight Express should of replace the Chevy pickup

Pit Crew

When my daughters were ready to drive in 2011, I wanted something safe.  We found a low miles 2002 Mercury Sable for $6k.  It was black with grey leather interior and premium stereo, and they loved it.  It was a mini Mercury Marauder and looked like a mafia car.


Soon after, one of my daughters pulled out in front of a pickup and pushed the front end over 2".  Long story short- I rebuilt it and they drove it for 2 years of high school and one of them drove it for 4 year of college and 2 year of grad school.  When the oil pan started leaking I finally decided to sell it, and gave a young family a $700 deal.


In the end I was glad I bought the Sable with it's 5 star safety rating.

New Driver

These all are nice selections of blacked out cars, but, the one your missing is the highly customized (by George Barrister). It is the infamous 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark lll. It was the coolest.

Intermediate Driver

Living in a place where the sun is extremely hot and weather humid, black cars are uncomfortable and at times, painful. I'd opt for a whited out version instead. On a personal note, I really don't see the desire for blacked out cars. They look like a blank spot. Hardly groovy, at least to me.

Pit Crew

I have a 94 F150 XL short bed. It has the exact same interior as the one in the video. It is still going strong at 27 years old . Parts are getting hard to find. I have been collecting stuff for it as I plan to give it to my son in the future who is also 27 years old. LMC has most of the body panels etc, but in dash connectors, harnesses , switches etc  are no longer available other than junk yards now. 

New Driver

These were all nice cars but they would not be my choice of  cars . The mussel cars in black are bad ass