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Hagerty Employee

Black Friday: 7 of our favorite blacked-out factory models

Automakers from Rolls-Royce to Ram have offered blacked-out versions of all manner of vehicles over the past several years. It seems like you can’t visit a new car showroom without having some sort of special edition model targeting those that despise chrome. Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Ram have “Night Edition” models, Chevrolet and Nissan offer models with the slightly more specific “Midnight Edition,” and Honda gets right to the point with its “Black Edition” Ridgeline.


For Black Friday, we wanted to look back to find our favorite blacked-out vehicle options that paved the way for the current trends—love them or hate them­—that we’re witnessing today.


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Intermediate Driver

Maybe it doesn't have enough wheels, but the Vincent Black Shadow looms large...


Conspicuous in its absence is the Lincoln Blackwood.

Pit Crew

only the GN looks sufficiently sinister;


the rest just look like pre-coats waiting outside the factory paint line;


Another all black car would be the 20th anniversary 1983 Avanti with all blacked out trim.

Pit Crew

Gotta have a black Dodge Daytona Turbo-Z!


No GMC Syclone/Typhoon?

New Driver

I'd go with the Grand National, although all black is not my choice, as I prefer the bright colors for collector cars.


GNX........The Impala SS looked better in either the Maroon or the Dark Grey was also supposed to have been built in a gold that never happened.

Pit Crew

I'm going with the Buick GN. It more than backed up the black-out treatment.

Intermediate Driver

Love the Chevy truck, but hard to believe that a 454 was only putting out 230 & 255hp!  And they had the audacity to call that an SS!  Looks good though!