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Hagerty Employee

Bittersweet: How Opel ensured its beloved CD concept became reality, albeit briefly

During the 1960s, Opel was seen as a rather pedestrian division of General Motors. What it really needed was an image boost, and key to achieving that was a series of daring concept cars which were unveiled throughout the decade, leading up to a swoopy two-door making its debut at the 1969 Frankfurt motor show.
Intermediate Driver

I'm a big fan of these. Beautiful lines, built by a race-car driver as his dream car, top-notch build quality by Baur (who also did the 959 for Porsche, for example!), possibility of upgrading the Corvette V8, and more. If only it had been sold in the USA. It's so hard to find them here. I've seen exactly two in my 40 years of going to car shows. I'll keep dreaming.

Never seent his car. Looks great. Would have been a fun car here.

I had no idea the Bitter CD was based on an Opel concept. It's interesting how a company with many divisions can make or break a car. GM could have taken a different approach. Imagine if the concept had been used to be the basis for the next-gen Corvette.

My first thought when I saw the silver concept photo was that THIS is how the C8 should have looked, not the weird, Galaga-bug critter we got instead.

Chuck Jordan was a different kind of guy. Loved power blue suits. Imported an F40 but could not get it homologated for US so he just drove it around the GM tech center in Warren. To think the same person that penned this stunning car did the "dust buster" gm front wheel vans, the "whale" Caprice and even the Aztec! Same a baseball, hit 3 out of 10 and you are an all-star.
With today's eyes, Bitter missed on the wheel and tire size as well as the B pillar from the original. Still one of the best designs from the mid seventies.
Pit Crew

Reminds me more of a Lamborghini Espada than a Ghibli, but I still like it. And yet another concept that GM refused to green light so it didn’t poach Corvette sales. Another car I’ve never heard of, thanks for the article.
Pit Crew

that Opel GT is as fake as Trump's hair......
Intermediate Driver

I love Chuck Jordan's exterior styling. But not that interior! The dashboard and console look like they were lifted from one of Opel's bottom-of-the-line models.