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Hagerty Employee

Bio-Driven: This Jaguar E-Type is running on sustainable fuel-how soon before your classic is too?

Though the U.K. is preparing to face internal combustion engine regulation unlikely to hit North America in the same fashion, at least not anytime soon, alternative fuels could keep our beloved classics alive should access to gasoline become more difficult. Enjoy this excellent story from Hagerty UK, which suggests there is a compelling case for sustainable biofuels.

Keeping the gasoline infrastructure is a national security issue. Think of the worst things that can happen to a country, and decide if it would best be handled by and electric or ICE infrastructure. You would think there would be some thoughts given to this after a worldwide pandemic which no one planned for.
A sunny future is not what history teaches us, and we ignore history and the nature of man at our own peril.

Yes, something to think about. My thoughts are a question. What would an be an enemy's first target for reasons of first strike destabilization? Electrical grid infrastructure is my answer. What good are BEVs in that situation?


But also think of a major earthquake in California. 
EVs would fail spectacularly.

”Sorry we can’t rescue you right now, we are charging up our vehicles”


Well, in theory you could (temporarily) string a pile of Ford Lightnings in series to power a hospital...


The hospital a couple miles away has a generator the size of a city bus and a fuel tank to match.    

The Apple server farm…it has 7 fuel storage tanks.    Big ones.  

even my Kid’s school has a diesel back up generator.  

Faith in the grid is deteriorating.    Ooh, I’m gonna get a Lighting, no a Rivian, and a Tesla…  


my power company already says I use 29% more energy than my neighbors.   Imagine 70 more kw/h per day?!  


Gas is not going to vanish anytimes soon but new cars will be sold side by side with EV over time and the EV will replace the ICE in most applications. 


The gas here is more to keep old cars on the road for collectors as I suspect many countries will continue to up the alcohol content to where we will be unable to use it in older cars. 

Much like the zinc we have lost in the motor oil we are going to lose the fuel too. It is like gun control in some places they take the bullets but not the gun. 


EV will change some aspects of life but they are not going to fail spectacularly. As time goes on I suspect the changes them selves to vanish. Development is still early and much is being done. 


I look at it this way at least they are not forcing us on to bikes..... yet. 


As for a major earthquake in CA power goes down you are not pumping gas anyway and the road and bridges being down you are not likely to drive anyplace anyways. 

Besides the last things they will change will be fire and rescue vehicles. It may not be in our life time. 


Gas stations have emergency back up generators.

Sounds like Carbonyl or Isobutanol.

Isobutanol is a virtual drop-in for gasoline. 29.2 MJ/L vs 32MJ/L for common gasoline, virtually identical to the energy density of E10.

Promising stuff. Genetically selected E.Coli can boost output from seaweed and kelp, which can be grown in brine ponds with pumped sea water and a ratio of sewage.

Yard waste collection could be a new fuel source as well.

Mr Fusion says nom-nom-nom!

ANYTHING that might help bring Mother Earth back into balance is welcome.
We Northern-Hemispherns are already medium-well, and can scarcely endure much more.

Naturally, there are (always) panicky conspiratorial types who see this as another "takeover".
Earlier "takeovers" resulted in winning WWII, (of GM, Ford & Chrysler;) and Nixon's signing the EPA into existence, affecting the future health of, well; everyone.

Availability of charging EVs at home is definitely an issue, although THIS article is about ICE's.

And now, something that can have little disagreement:
The Jaguar E-Type is the MOST BEAUTIFUL CAR EVER — Enzo, & me.