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Big, brash, and unabashed: Jay Leno talks Dodge Viper

The last few weeks of Jay Leno’s Garage have been filmed like this week’s episode, with just Jay and a tripod in his shop. He has been picking cars he finds particularly interesting in the collection, and this week it’s a stunning black 1993 Dodge Viper. Jay jokes that it is rare that even he purchases a car and holds onto it long enough for it to transition from used car to classic, but here we are.


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I did the Skip Barber school at LaGuna Seca a number of years back. Porsche's, BMW M3's and one Viper. They asked if anyone would be interested in driving the Viper as they would have to "warm it up". I was the only one who said "heck yes". When driving it and catching the M3 on a tight course the instructor moved his hand to cover the kill switch. I asked why and he said, "the Viper is not supposed to be catching up the M3..." I laughed and he didn't push the red button (likely an ejector seat anyway).