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Hagerty Employee

Big-block Mopars, GM star in hottest muscle-car market since 2008

For more than a decade, it seemed like the muscle car's best days-at least in narrow, collecting terms-were behind it. Following the cratering of the collector car market alongside the Great Recession, muscle cars more or less recovered, but then remained stuck in neutral even as other segments blasted ahead.
Intermediate Driver

2003-2004 Mustang Mach 1's are next. Built in very limited numbers, these are the new auction diamonds coming up.

Whenever we read another paean to muscle cars, we wonder how much do such worshippers know about the 120+ years of automotive history, other than egregious mid-sized '60s Motown tin with station wagon engines, teenaged suspensions, silly racing stripes, dopey decals; good for jerking off at stop lights, one trick ponies. In high school in the day, we ignored or laughed at the bozos driving them. Sports cars where it was at, tho' we watched the Avengers almost as much for Steed's Bentley as Emma Peel.

Power steering, power brakes, often as not automatic transmission; an ancient woman could drive these things. Where does the "muscle" part come in?  Golf carts on steroids. The advertised hp was malarkey; “gross” hp taken from engines running on a test stand, no air cleaner, accessories, or exhaust system. What's more important is how much gets to the rear tires/road; in all cases only a fraction of gross claim.

Yeah, yeah, it's a free country, enjoy what you will. But the rest of us who know cars at large reserve right to laugh. We've driven them, Pontiac GTO through Charger.  And for cryin' aloud, don't tell us you "can't afford" a Delahaye, Pierce-Arrow, Auburn, Stutz, Aston-Martin, Jaguar, Bristol or anything novel A-Z while boring us with how much money you dumped into a "numbers matching" slam bam, thank you, ma'am tin can.


Lots of wide-open space in the Midwest, but not many canyons to carve.

I know all sorts of old British and German sports car fans. Not a single one of their machines is what I’d call “reliable” in even old car relativity.

Didn't mention a single German car, but did A-Z.  Plenty of reliable Brit cars; big Healeys, Cricklewood, Derby, Crewe products, but not when worn out, owned by Yanks on the cheap used to Chevies and other prosaics with all the charm of lawn furniture, or various late model Kleenex kars.

New Driver

Come on Hagerty! Buick Grand Sports? You should know better!
New Driver

In 1966 my dad special-ordered a Dodge Coronet with a 383 high compression engine and every heavy-duty option on the list- in short a police interceptor. He added an Edelbrock manifold and Carter 1000 cfm carburetor.

That is the car I learned to drive on. Yee-haw!
Pit Crew

There may be hope yet for the Gen 3 Chevelle, Monte Carlos & Grand Prix's. I love my 1974 Chevelle (yes, it is a Chevelle, not a Malibu, that is the trim, not the model). I have a 454 w/ a 4 barrel, Posi, and huge 295 50 R15's on it and love showing it off. Seriously, I really don't care what happens value wise to this car, because I love it, and would never part with it !!!!!

Inflation rate driven speculation is what we are seeing right now.
Advanced Driver

Some of the Big movers I have recently noticed are the 63-69 Buick Rivieras, there has been some crazy auction prices on some of those... Does not surprise me, been a long time coming
Intermediate Driver

I think the 67 Cougar is a really nice looking very fast and so much of a sexier car than the Mustang And what about the 68 & 69 AMX also fast and good looking and not even mentioned. Like 67 Cougar guy To each his own. I can't afford the Cougar or the AMX so I drive a 65 Ambassador great riding car!