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Best dad ever? Homegrown DeLorean “Time Machine” makes six-year-old’s dream come true

Jon Miller wasn’t about to cut up pieces of cardboard and glue them to his restored DeLorean to somehow make it look like the Time Machine from the 1985 blockbuster movie, Back to the Future. That was just a suggestion from his wife, Amanda, in response to a request from their six-year-old son, Evan.


Initially, Miller rejected the idea of turning his stainless steel-skinned sports coupe into a movie prop replica, even though he was a big fan of the film. When he thought about it a bit more, he had an epiphany. If he was going to build an homage to what is arguably the world’s most famous and beloved movie car, he was going to do it right.


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Replies (1)

Replies (1)

Well done, Jon Miller!



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