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Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter’s 428 Ford Country Squire four-speed can be yours

I told Pat I wouldn’t do it. Just because my gig, Hagerty’s Barn Find Hunter, allowed me to drive around the country looking for old cars, didn’t mean I would buy any.


“No, honey, you’re right,” I told my wife.  “I have enough cars and don’t need any more.”


But this car was different.


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Replies (6)

Replies (6)

This car should be as collectable as a double headed penny being a factory one and only. Amazing!

Intermediate Driver

This was my uncles car.  I remember the stories about how Vince did this.  Crazy to see it.


I always said you want a racing engine you buy a station wagon.


I love that wagon..... My first car was my dads first brand new car....a 1966 Ford Ranch Wagon. He sold it to me for $1.00. It was the first car I ever restored, and as most car stories go, I wish I had never sold it. 


A piece of Barn Find Hunter history! A truly special wagon that'll hopefully make a new owner very happy.

Hagerty Employee

I hope he finds good home! Tom, you did great job keeping your promises and passing the love of this classic! 

New Driver