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Hagerty Employee

Barn-find Falcon is a GT HO Phase-IV clone, but it’s a reminder of Australia’s “Supercar Scare”

Part of what makes a “barn find” so alluring is the mystery of its history, which is unraveled only by keen eyes and wealth of persistence, as Glenn Everitt, host of Master of Machines, can attest to. This pepper red 1972 Ford Falcon GT has been buried away after being treated as little more than a toy by its current owner, who parked it after the registration expired in 1987.


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Interesting to read that "government," no matter where, seems to have a knee-jerk reaction to perceived threats. But threats to whom and by what means? Banning things tends to increase the desire to possess them. Case in point: In Australia, private ownership of handguns is banned, however if you know someone that knows someone, you can purchase that type of banned firearm through "alternate" channels for a princely sum. It only goes to show that honest, law abiding citizens pose no threat to each other, but there will always be another societal element that profits from people being told that they can't have something. Remember Prohibition? That worked. And the 85 MPH speedometer? It kept me from speeding, for sure. Personal responsibility should be just that, personal. Do we need some elected official to tell us what to wear, eat and drive? Was George Orwell accurately predicting the future? It sure seems that way...

Tony is spot on. Government isn't happy till everyone is living in govt. approved housing, using govt. approved public transportation, thinking only govt. approved thoughts, unless you are the government.
Individualism (cool cars being one example) allows citizens to think for themselves, and govt. hates that.

Transport Minister Morris is a perfect example of the typical government official bent on "protecting the public" from some product being used in a manner not intended. Next up after guns is kitchen knifes. After the public is "acclimated" to the control of "dangerous products", it'll be baseball bats, ropes, skateboards, and hula hoops...
Advanced Driver

I wonder if the theme of "the last of the V-8's" portrayed to great success in the "Mad Max" movies was a result of, or influenced by this governmental decree?

And I finally know what Barry means by "Phase IV heads!"
Pit Crew

Yes, it came out of a combination of the early anti-hoon/anti-supercar political pressures in combination with the fuel shortages.

Interesting to see that this is a four-door car. I guess our Australian friends didn't apply the same stigma to four-door cars that the U.S. did.
New Driver

How can I find out info about what you see and what could be for sale. Like older caddy and chrysler. Eataly dodge dart wagons