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Hagerty Employee

Barn-find Austin-Healey is back on the road thanks to family and elbow grease

I was in High Point, North Carolina, visiting my brother at his office, and this car was sitting at a salvage yard nearby, up front, behind a fence. It caught my attention because it had numbers on the door-a race car-but I had no idea what it was.

First off, what an awesome tale of working with family on a car. Reminds me of the several years my uncle and I spent restoring an old 5 window Chevy truck.

Second, I am slightly disappointed that you missed the opportunity for a Vin Diesel/F&F joke about family with the title of this piece.
Intermediate Driver

I, too, have a weakness for stray racecars...I have dragged home a couple, and wistfully wished I could have saved many others. (Thankfully, I dont have space for more, or my yard would look like a wrecking yard.)
Due to advancing age and a motorcyle wreck, my racing and wrenching days are over. Now I have to release a couple old racecars into the wild myself. A 1964 Aurodynamics FV and a semi race prepped 78 Mazda GLC, sitting forelorn but not forgotten in my race trailer.
I will miss them, but as the author illustrates, another lucky soul will have the opportunity to start the cycle anew.

Very cool story. Love the "barn" story.
Intermediate Driver

How do I love this story!! It made me smile all the way through. Thanks much for **bleep** job!
Community Manager

You aren't the only person having a problem here, we are looking into it! 

Intermediate Driver

I don’t know why it said “bleep”. I said “congratulations on a great restoration job”

What a great story! I'm really envious. Not only would I like to build a Spridget, but I would love for my kids to be involved with a build, but sadly that seems just about impossible. I keep trying to engage their enthusiasm, but it falls on deaf ears. 😞
Intermediate Driver

That's a great story! I've always had a soft spot for Sprites.
Many years ago, I bought a Bugeye Sprite that turned out to have a hopelessly rusted out chassis. On the advice of a friend I searched for and found an unrusted ex race car with the intent of transferring all the good parts from my Sprite to the race car chassis to make a good street car -- sort of your project in reverse! Turned out to be a bigger project than I imagined, as race cars have all sorts of things done to them that I hadn't thought of at the time, so most of my time was spent fixing the race car chassis before I could begin transferring parts. In the end, I ran out of enthusiasm for the project and sold everthing to a guy that wanted to finish it. Still love those Sprites, though.