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Hagerty Employee

Barn-find 1985 Audi Quattro is a restoration job for the brave

Fire up the pressure washer! This Saturday we’ll find out just how appealing the Audi Quattro is to car enthusiasts of Britain and the wider world, when a sorry-looking barn find example goes to auction after being laid to rest on jack stands a quarter of a century ago.


The original 1985 Quattro has reportedly spent the last 25 years slumbering in an open barn on a farm, partially exposed to the elements and, if not all creatures great and small, then at least birds and rodents. Read the full article on


Advanced Driver

THANK YOU for the Ashes to Ashes reference, the Jean Genie would be proud! I'm sure there is someone out there that just can't wait to "Fire up the Quattro!"

Pit Crew

"This year marks the 20th anniversary of the car that revolutionized rallying,"?  Closer to 40 years as the car came out in 1980!

Community Manager

You are right, I am fixing that now!
Intermediate Driver

Ya gotta save it at this point. It's been waiting 25 years.


Damn the rodents! Full speed ahead!


I can smell that car just from the pictures 

Intermediate Driver

Dibs on the jackstands.


I have her modern descendent in my driveway that I use as my daily driver.  I thank the developers of Quattro every time I drive in the mountains. 

Intermediate Driver

And why would you be restoring this old thing? They sure didn't seem to be "special" when we were working on them years ago! Cool to drive when new... maybe for some, but "special"? Just the Lambda fuel injection alone is a nightmare. The owner drove it and then abandoned it in place. The next logical step was to either keep it maintained and current (on the road) or just crush it. Restore it? Why would you EVER do that to THIS car? Please let me know if I am missing something here?

I think the memories of one's youth are what someone may want to restore, not the car.

Community Manager

You'd restore it on the likely chance it will make decent money when you sell it.  Perhaps you haven't seen how much people pay for them now? 

Intermediate Driver

Ran when parked, eh? Pretty far gone and not really all that special (personal opinion)... Mid 80s electronics and wiring would be the real hellholes. The rest - that we can see - is cosmetic.