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Hagerty Employee

Back to the Future DeLorean is the newest member of the National Historic Vehicle Register | Hagerty Media

The National Historic Vehicle Register is devoted to recording and protecting America's automotive past for future generations, and its newest member encompasses both in one fell swoop. The Hagerty Drivers Foundation (formally the Historic Vehicle Association) has announced that the 29th car on the register is the 1981 DeLorean "hero car" from Back to the Future.
Pit Crew

So good to see this. The car deserved to be restored, and deserves to be honoured this way. The BTTF films have ensured that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd will be remember for a long, long time, far into the future...
New Driver

I would like to nominate to the,
National Historic Vehicle Register
The 2 motorcycles in the movie
Easy Rider? Staring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.
The They rode customized Harley Davidson 50’s model Panhead motorcycles with hard tail frames. These would depict the entire biker culture that started in America after WWII and continued thru the revoltionary 1960s and still rolls strong today. I would love to see these iconic m/C’s in the National Historic Vehicle Register. Thank you
Sincerely John C. Purpura Jr.

This isn't an historic vehicle; it's a stage prop with glued-on junk. It's merely enshrining more American mythology, like having a costumed statue of Marion Morrison at an airport with his stage name, or a statue of Michael Stallone's most famous movie role in Philadelphia.

I had a good argument to defend its inclusion all typed out but then reluctantly had to are right. A stock one would be more appropriate to represent history.
Intermediate Driver

Lighten-up Francis! 🙂
Pit Crew

How would you like to troubleshoot a dead short in the wiring on this car?
Intermediate Driver

I'd use the car to go back in time and ask Doc Brown to fix it...

"it was like nothing anyone had ever seen"

Credit where it's due, folks.
Advanced Driver

The Bricklin and the DeLorean look nothing alike. The Bricklin resembled a Corvette. If anything the DeLorean owes credit to the Porsche Tapiro, Mercedes 300SL, and the Allegheny Ludlum stainless-bodied Fords (the Mercedes and the Fords were acknowledged by DeLorean to be inspirations for his car).


I think back in the day we all wanted to own one and at the very least.

All that wiring conduit harnessed and anchored to the body of the car? Tacky. Even if the car is a fictitious prop.
New Driver

If you want to time travel, you need all that conduit. At least that's what Doc says & who am I to argue?

Just don't set the clock to 2020.

I would debate on a movie car versus the stock car but either way it is still cool.
New Driver

Saw this at both Universal Studios & the Peterson Museum. Pretty cool. Glad it's been saved.