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Back to the Future DeLorean is the newest member of the National Historic Vehicle Register | Hagerty Media

The National Historic Vehicle Register is devoted to recording and protecting America's automotive past for future generations, and its newest member encompasses both in one fell swoop. The Hagerty Drivers Foundation (formally the Historic Vehicle Association) has announced that the 29th car on the register is the 1981 DeLorean "hero car" from Back to the Future.
New Driver

To whom it may concern and or Jonathan Klinger, Hagerty’s vice president of car culture and executive director of the Hagerty Drivers Foundation. He says "“The DeLorean Time Machine is among the world’s most recognizable and beloved automobiles,” Klinger says. “It transcends borders and generations, and it appeals to an audience far beyond the car community.” I so much agree and read this article. I just want to address this Ionic Car. This is a 1981 Delorean ( as of today) it is 40 years old, it is considered a "classic and collectable car". Unfortunately many states still require this "1981" car to be smog. Why?? I know certain states like Arizona does not and Hagerty was behind getting that done. However I live in California and I own a 1981 Delorean and I am also insured by Hagerty. So can you " Jonathan Klinger" or anyone else tell me and help me why this Ionic car you know is not exempt from being smog. First(look up what year cars are to be smog) and you will find that the year 1981 is over 40 years. I believe this was intended to be about 25 year old cars to be exempt. But never got changed and Hagerty should be there asking to get it exempt. Btw Delorean were made from 1981-1983. (Really 1982 stopped making them) but the vin #'s show 1983. They are all the same any way. To conclude, it's all about the "money", very few places will smog a car that old and should by now consider it exempt. It is a great tribute to the movie Back to the Future and we all want to keep it on the road, please help fight this cause. Thank you. See you in the Future or in the Past.