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Avoidable Contact #89: If BMW were a person, would this be a cry for help? | Hagerty Media

"Hey, Grandpa! Have you been sniffin' at the gas pumps too long?" And with that witty phrase, we're ready for the longest four minutes and seven seconds you've ever spent on the Internet. The plot of this BMW i-something video goes like so: A new electric BMW SUV (the iX) arrives at a museum, where [...]

Yes, she was the Hwi Noree of heroin addiction! 🙂
Intermediate Driver

I could not read the sequels. Sturgeon said, "90% of science fiction is **bleep**, but 90% of everything is **bleep**." The original 'Dune' I would put in the top 1%, just behind 'A Canticle for Liebowitz.' But that's me. De gustibus non disputandem est.

Yeah, you're a ten percenter. 🙂 And Mr. Sam, of course. (Back in the day, I gigged Mr. Sam about how he and Ezra D. were my favorite Auto Scriveners. (You had not yet blazed into my view.) Then I recounted this anecdote: Whistler was at a London gallery opening featuring his latest work. An older lady came up and said, "Oh, Mr. Whistler, you and Velasquez and my favorite painters." He responded: "Why drag Velasquez into it?"


I'll admit that I've read pretty much every Herbert wrote. When I was younger I was horribly disappointed by "Dune Messiah" and "Children of Dune". I enjoyed "God Emperor" as a stand-alone book. "Heretics" and "Chapterhouse" were, uh, weird.

Nowadays I see them as Herbert's attempt to follow-up a home run with something different: a thoughtful look at the problems of prescience. Having just read William Gibson's latest book and despised it for the lazy trash it is, I am more forgiving of Herbert now.
New Driver

Coming from a company that once had edgy and groundbreaking advertisements for its vehicles such as the Respect movie for the K1200R and the Driver series with some truly epic depictions of what BMW's were supposed to be about, this is a marketing turn as shocking as their design direction.

As someone who once owned a BMW for the "driving machine" aspect, I can say I don't miss the brand.