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Avoidable Contact #87: How to lie about pickups, using this one weird pic! | Hagerty Media

Here's the great thing about automotive enthusiasm: it's a big tent, with room for everyone from Brass Era restorers to the fellows who rip Hellcat burnouts through downtown Atlanta.
Intermediate Driver

The government didn't develop technology, just mandated improved mpg standards that forced it to be developed.
Intermediate Driver

Hey Jack:

I only just saw this pic a couple days ago. I don't have any sort of presence on Social Media, so I didn't know there was a controversy. I just saw an interesting picture and thought something like "looks like older and younger siblings". I chuckled inside. Then I read your column. Very informative, interesting and a few good yucks: Like the Emo Phillips routine. "Die Heretic!" Way too funny. 🙂
I think the problem with 'truth' is too many people like to twist, modify, stretch or just outright change the meaning of words. Obfuscation is another word that comes to mind. Some, (lawyers and politicians come to mind) seem to enjoy parsing and obfuscation the meaning of words to suit their own aims.
I also think there is a larger difficulty with some people who just can't get past being in the busy-body phase of their youth and think everyone has to do what they want. Perhaps that is a form of Autism? They don't care about you, your wants your needs, your desires, your Liberty, all that matters is whatever doctrine they hold dear at this time. Global Climate Change comes to mind (formerly Climate Change, previously Global Warming and or Human caused Global Warming, formerly Global cooling and even the inevitable coming Ice Age) where these lost souls seem to believe the entire world will "change" in 12... No now 10, Oops, ( I read an older article again), so I guess it's about 6 years now, if we don't do what they believe is necessary immediately.

It is a bit funny that in the time of Covid19 I don't hear much from the crowd that thinks everyone should be herded into living in cities, so we can't continue to destroy the planet. Shades of Isaac Asimov's 'Cities' in the Robot series where all of mankind was confined to enormous steel and concrete structures called Cities (with a capital 'C') because they were so large and fully enclosed without windows.
I have a hard time even talking to people with that sort of myopic view on any subject. Not only are those people adult children busy bodies, they are bullies. I didn't have time for bullies when I was young and I don't have time for that now.
When I was in school we were taught a lot of History and a lot about different forms of government.
It helped all of us be able to see from other peoples point of view. I don't think much of that happens anymore. Unfortunately, lots of these busy body, arrested development types haven't had any sort of introduction into reason or critical thinking. Mores the pity there. Not sure if this is part of the Social Media world we live in or was it like that before, but the explosive growth of Social Media's ability to stay relatively anonymous just feeds that inner child bully need?

Getting back more specifically to your column; I'm more of a muscle car guy, but I do like Porches. I'm not so sure I can be as tolerant as you with the water cooled crowd. It's just not right. it's like calling a 924/944/928 a Porsche. Or calling a Dino a Ferrari. It's just not right. :0
On the other hand, I do like a big tent and I think if we were neighbors, sooner or later we'd have to build a Miata with a seriously powerful Windsor Ford in it and see just how many weak spots we could find in the first couple track dates...
Pit Crew

"The crummy thing about automotive enthusiasm is that it has acquired a tumor of sorts during the current Extremely Online era. This tumor, for lack of a better word, consists of people who don’t really like cars but who have joined the automotive enthusiast community for various other reasons. Sometimes these people are anti-car activists who want to push their viewpoint on the rest of us. Sometimes they’re people who simply enjoy the thrill of control, so they delight in tormenting us with their opinions about upcoming restrictions on human-driven cars, gasoline powerplants, or copper-infused brake pads. Last but not least you have the folks for whom Everything Is Political and they have chosen cars seemingly at random as a place from which to lash out."

This literally describes most of the problems I see in modern car "culture". I feel like some of these "writers" either feel guilty or hate for all things fun and automotive and feel that you need to feel guilty too because then they might feel better. They don't do much of any research, spout opinions with little substance and can't stand it when those pesky facts get in the way. The other problem is Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Most car forums have died or severely lost traffic due to these platforms. Good luck finding any knowledge on those platforms, it's hard. Want to learn to do anything about your car, find a car forum. You will have better luck there getting what you are looking for.