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Avoidable Contact #87: How to lie about pickups, using this one weird pic! | Hagerty Media

Here's the great thing about automotive enthusiasm: it's a big tent, with room for everyone from Brass Era restorers to the fellows who rip Hellcat burnouts through downtown Atlanta.
New Driver

Here Here!
Pit Crew

Not trying to break Godwin's Law but Pastor Martin Niemöller's "First they came for..." quote seems appropriate, or maybe Ben Franklin's "We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."
New Driver

"Me neither, for the same reason I never tried BASE-jumping through a wind farm."

I cannot stop laughing at this line. I almost forgot the overall gist of your editorial. Almost. As per usual, well said and well written.
Intermediate Driver

Why is it that I find myself having to spend so much time these days defending the things that I enjoy and that bring me happiness and worrying so much about the "witch hunters" and the self righteous who are trying to take it all away? Is it just because they can't find happiness in their own pathetic, meaningless lives and have therefore determined that if they cant make their own lives better, they'll just make everyone's else's miserable?
To what end........

'zactly! I decided to shut down my company and retire after the election. ( paying attention to all the Social Warriors has convinced me that people who pay lots of federal income taxes are the REAL problem.) Ever since, I've been waiting for the letter in the mail telling me that I no longer need an E350 Ford van, and I should turn it (and myself) in to the reprocessing center...
Pit Crew

I knew the Deep-state, Woke sleeper cell agents that have time to kill now that the election rigging is complete were low - but this? They’ll have to pry my pickup truck from my cold. Dead. HANDS! Or, possibly, just its steering wheel.
Pit Crew

No step on Snayk!
Intermediate Driver

I can’t believe there’s still someone with enough guts to say this anymore. I love that Hagerty has paved the way for great writers like you, Jack, and Sam Smith to write unhindered by editorial decisions.
New Driver

Well said, good sir.