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Hagerty Employee

Avoidable Contact #83: "Crossfire!" she cried

The parable goes something like this: A frog and a scorpion sit at the edge of a fast-flowing stream. The scorpion wants to get across. Asks the frog for a lift. The frog replies, "You're a scorpion. You'll sting me while you're on my back."


"If I do that," the scorpion replies, "we will both drown, so obviously I won't do that." The frog is persuaded by the logic of this. Halfway across the steam, however, the frog feels the unmistakable pinch of a stinger on his back. As the paralysis sets in and he starts to sink, he croaks out:


"Why would you kill us both?" The scorpion's last reply, as the water washes over his mandibles (OK, there's a little artistic license going on here, not least of which is the talking amphibians and insects):


"I couldn't help it! This is who I am!"


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Pit Crew

V6 Camaro will be fine as long as you watch the timing chain at 100K.

New Driver

Ah. A story of Curvy McLegaBriefs.

Pit Crew

Let me know when you actually write a novel!  Great writing.  Thanks, Jack!


The very same!

"set new land speed records for depreciation" that quote's worth the price of admission 😉


BTW, there's another common version of the frog/scorp parable. A lady finds a half frozen Viper (not Chrysler-related) and feeling pity for one of God's wonderful creatures, brings it into her warm home. It thaws out, bites her, she asks why as she lays dying, it tells her, "you knew what I was when you took me home". Jack, you & I can never let our ex's get together, period. Something about not crossing the streams.

(as mentioned in Ghostbusters)

Intermediate Driver

And the moral of the story is, be your own best friend.

Intermediate Driver

Hits close to home, Jack.  Thank You!!

New Driver

How much bourbon was consumed during the writing of this piece?


Steve, I'm as sober as a church mouse nowadays. Now, if you want to know how much vodka I consumed in the company of this woman, the answer is... all of it.