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Hagerty Employee

Avoidable Contact #79: Hunting for supercars at the Dragon, in the “Marysville Meteor”

“Talk not to me of blasphemy, man; I’d strike the sun if it insulted me. For could the sun do that, then could I do the other; since there is ever a sort of fair play herein, jealousy presiding over all creations.”


I was 14 years old when I read Ahab’s famous quote for the first time, and although I was separated from Herman Melville by over a century’s worth of time and such inventions as the Texas Instruments TI-99/4a Home Computer, let me tell you: I knew exactly what he meant. At the time I was busy trying to strike the sun myself, scrubbing dishes at a pizza place every Friday night so I could pay a $6 Saturday-morning entry fee and race a battered $169 bicycle against all the rich kids and the handsome kids and the effortlessly athletic kids at a BMX track outside Columbus, Ohio.


In the 34 years since I’ve made a habit of tilting at windmills, whether that meant competing heads-up against IBM for tech contracts as a small businessman or racing Pirelli World Challenge using an open-deck trailer and volunteer labor. The more you stack the deck against me, the better. So when my boss, the handsome and well-regarded Larry Webster, told me that he was going on a “supercar trip” to Route 129, the infamous Ass Of The Lizard Tail Of The Dragon, I knew immediately that:


a) I would go;
b) I would bring a Honda Accord.


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Hagerty Employee

Love this so much!



Great recap/story! I've been at the tail many times (just 2 weeks ago on my motorcycle). It is funny, a group of us have been going there since the mid 80's and now all the "twisty" roads around there have names, Back of the Dragon, Head of the Dragon, Moonshiner, etc. We are now looking for the meanest road around and plan on naming it, "the Ex-wife of the Dragon"...ha, ha. 

I actually met you years ago, my son Dominic raced BMX for a few years with Sweet Bros BMX (Brad Sweet)...Cheers, Sal 


SAL! DO YOU REMEMBER THE SHOPPING CART INCIDENT! I remember your son very, very well! Great rider and fearless!
New Driver

I don’t mind a little Macca humiliation, but did it really out handle the GT, even in the wet? I recall reading your praise of the Evora’s chassis when the 400 came out.

Pit Crew

Always fun when David bests Goliath, good read and appreciate the "Ahab" quote

Intermediate Driver

And THIS is why I am here!


Thanks Jack.


No way this would out handle a 600LT (that's the car in the photo, it looks like the GT I drove but wasn't it) or an Evora on dry ground. That being said, you can push harder and take more risks in a FWD car with 68% of the weight over the wheels, particularly on an unknown road. You aren't going to spin it, and when it slides you can absolutely predict where it slides. Add in the uncertainty of changing wet traction, and the conditions for success are there.

I'm going to beat the dead horse of literacy until they send us both to the knacker's!

Love this!