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Avoidable Contact #78: New cars with no excuses necessary

Yesterday we published an introspective column by Aaron Robinson, the accomplished and highly-regarded Executive Editor of the Hagerty Drivers Club magazine. Although Aaron's time in the business far exceeds mine—I was still doing midnight street racing for pathetic amounts of cash when he joined Car and Driver as a marquee contributor—he and I are basically of an age so I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for much of what he writes.


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glad U put the music topic nxt to the car's.  I'd focus it more on the style than the technology.  Many ways? I don't care bout the tech. Yes (with a large exclamation point) I like the less-polluting vehicles of today.  But just like the music - I'd rather listen to an early Doc Watson or Jeff Beck guitar riff than what's heard today. I'd rather an Italian or Brit of the mid/late '50s - late '60s ora mid/late '30s - very early '50s usa car than what we see today.  Just like the French elders (1650) objected to young's dance the minuet (too sexual) and the Greatest Gen objecting to the rock dance of the Boomers - I hate the Darth Vader look of the vehicles this author cites in the orange, blue'n red above. /AND/ I do it with (above) awareness...

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