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Avoidable Contact #76: The easiest 60 grand you'll ever spend, and you'll get most of it back

Five months ago in these virtual pages I discussed the increasingly popular idea of pickup-truck-as-cultural-signifier. In the long, hot summer between then and now, the privately-owned half-ton has taken a best-supporting-actor role in our (mostly) cold civil war drama: targeted by crowds of protesters, driving through impromptu roadblocks, festooned with flags in motorized counter-demonstrations.


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Enough ‘blue tribe’ ‘red tribe’ bs. There’s more crossover than you think. A lot of blue city mice love trucks and a lot of red country mice can see the merit of being within walking distance to places they want to go. You’ve been getting more political in your posts since R&T and look at how it has whipped up the first five commenters here. Jack, I think you’re a big enough person to go actually make some blue tribe friends and start to do your part to heal this country rather than to keep riffing on this tired political straw man crap.