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Avoidable Contact #75: How did I get a son who doesn't love cars?

By the time you read this, my 11-year-old son will have ridden perhaps 50 miles in the new 2020 McLaren GT. I'm picking him up from school tomorrow and taking him for an early dinner so we will both be free to help my photography crew get some pictures of this utterly gorgeous quarter-million-dollar metallic-blue-with-cream-interior supercar later on in the evening. I know this car is catnip for kids because about 20 different neighborhood groms came over to my house this evening to watch the doors go up and down, ooh-and-aah at the roar of the engine, poke-and-prod at the various expensive-looking controls scattered throughout the interior, and stare open-mouthed at the way the nose can lift itself to clear the breakover angle of my driveway.


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Get him (more) into bikes!  See if he wants to enter a sprint distance triathlon. 

Get him a sweet vintage mountain bike (or new) and maybe a BMX bike.  Skateboard too, Powell Peralta is a good choice.  I put so many miles on various bikes as a kid, and me and my little kids ride bikes all the time now.  Our just turned 9 year old daughter and I are on a 7.5 month streak of everyday bike rides, going for a solid year is our goal.  The almost 5 year old joins in sometimes but he's sketchy.  They both were riding at around 4.5 years old.  I have an old Hutch BMX, 2 Diamondbacks, and a Dyno/ GT, plus various other types of bikes.  Skateboards too... Love it all!
If you're still reading, if he's not into vehicles, get him a semi-beater single cab long bed pickup when he's 16, then you can use it too!   And he can't haul too many friends around with him... I fit 5 in my S-10 king cab on many occasions....

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