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Avoidable Contact #74: The leatherette singularity doesn't just apply to leatherette

T.S. Eliot once wrote that "Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal." Steve Jobs stole that quote, ascribing it to Pablo Picasso. Perhaps he hadn't read Catch-22, which reminds us that T.S. Eliot was not only creative but well-compensated to boot. T.S. Eliot also opened up "The Waste Land" with a dedication to Ezra Pound as "il miglior fabbro," or "the better craftsman," but he stole that from Dante, who used the phrase with reference to Arnaut Daniel. Now here's the kicker; Pound was reportedly a fan of Daniel and therefore would have been both pleased by the allusion and troubled by the suggestion that Eliot's fame would eventually eclipse his, as Dante's eclipsed Daniel's. "If you see dear Mrs. Equitone / Tell her I bring the horoscope myself: / One must be so careful these days."


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In a previous Post Script it was asked:  


"whatever happened to Naugahyde?" 

I heard, some years ago, there was a serious push back by some people; who found the Farming, or Ranching of Naugahyde birds to be environmentally destructive and those who were farming the birds were shamed into allowing all their animals to go free and get eaten by foxes and coyotes.  🙂  

I also heard a California District Court found the Naugahyde's to be Sentient, much like the Emu and therefore couldn't be harvested anymore.  

There was also a third story, about a bird flu, ( SARS-N, I believe) that ravaged all the Naugahyde flocks and nearly destroyed all the Naugahyde bird population, so there aren't enough left to make a viable product anymore.

What?  No, I don't know any of it, i'm just saying what I've heard, kinda like most of the talking heads on the ..........  We're sorry this diatribe was getting too close to a truth that we aren't willing to admit yet.  __ Them  

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