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Avoidable Contact #70: Stuck in the middle (of a desert) with you

The story so far: The author and his 11-year-old son drove to California from Ohio, ending at the Donner Pass. This is normally where the tale ends, whether it’s Pirsig or Simpson or Krakauer … or Alex Roy, whose infamous The Driver rather touchingly concludes by addressing both the issue of traveling West with expectation and the notion of reconnecting with a difficult or distant father. East to West. You never read about anyone coming back East. It would be like ending “Star Wars” by showing everyone lining up for the men’s room after that wonderful ceremony where John Williams has his orchestra playing in some kind of hidden pit and Chewie doesn’t get a medal ...


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What a beautiful ending, Jack. Makes me want to take my son on a road trip. Lately we've just been playing wiffle ball in the back yard and then watching the Phillies on TV, but I'd love to take him out on the open road and experience adventures like that. To your comment about the load height of the truck bed, it confirms my opinion that my 2006 extended-cab Dakota is just the right size for a practical pickup bed...