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Hagerty Employee

Avoidable Contact #68: A housecat falls in love, once more, with a Fox

"What kind of trips did you take in your Fox?" Gosh, that's the one question I was hoping Olivia wouldn't ask. Thirty years ago, I'd have been strongly tempted to lie in response; 15 years ago, I'd likely have offered some sort of evasion. As I shamble towards the completion of my fifth decade, however, I've come to appreciate the obscure advantages of age that trail the obvious miseries at a more-than-respectful distance, and one of them is this: I had neither a reason, nor the ability, to impress the young woman who was asking the question. So ...


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I enjoyed reading this. Stories can make a car so much more interesting than it otherwise should be. Now I want to know about Olivia's Fox in ten years.



Love the kangaroo stripes on the car by the way.


This hit me in my feels! My first car was a burgundy 1987 Fox which was the first model year in the US and I bought the FIRST ONE from my local VW dealership. I dated my wife in that car. Loved that thing ... : )

Pit Crew

Ah, the late 1970s.  It reminds me of how much I loved my '78 Scirocco, with its 71 thumping horsepower and 4-speed manual.  At the time, it seemed as though federal mandates were putting an end to any kind of performance, and it felt like I was grabbing the last gasp of the 'sporty' car world.  

New Driver

I just went online to LA Craigslist to see if any Volkswagen Foxes or Sciroccos were for sale. There were none. They used to be a dime a dozen in SoCal. I guess that I am getting old.

Intermediate Driver

One of the things I remember most about the Fox was that when the saying "I'm Audi like 5000" as a way of saying goodbye was kind of a thing among my pier group I would often counter with "I'm Audi like a Fox cuz I'm cheep". Ah the silly things we do.

Pit Crew

When I was stationed at Sembach AB in West Germany from 1988-90, my first car was a 1978 VW Derby. The VW Foxes remind me of that car. The VW Derby was based on the VW Polo, which was a smaller car then the VW Golf. It was a 2 door coupe, with a 1.1 liter water cooled engine, FWD, and a 4 speed manual transmission. I only kept it for a year, before terminal rust sent it to the scrapyard with 166,000 Km on it. These cars were never sold in the US market. 


So THAT was the connection between the VW Fox and the Audi Fox; I never knew.  Good for Olivia wanting to GO.  Too bad about the tattoos, though - ugh.


No Foxes on Craigslist, but plenty of scams and perverts.  Good place to avoid.

Intermediate Driver

Lovely story.