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Avoidable Contact #68: A housecat falls in love, once more, with a Fox

"What kind of trips did you take in your Fox?" Gosh, that's the one question I was hoping Olivia wouldn't ask. Thirty years ago, I'd have been strongly tempted to lie in response; 15 years ago, I'd likely have offered some sort of evasion. As I shamble towards the completion of my fifth decade, however, I've come to appreciate the obscure advantages of age that trail the obvious miseries at a more-than-respectful distance, and one of them is this: I had neither a reason, nor the ability, to impress the young woman who was asking the question. So ...


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We purchased a VW Fox wagon for my wife in order to avoid running her E21 BMW in the winter salted roads of Upstate NY.  We found the Fox on a local used car lot.  It had been in some kind of front end collision, because the front clip was from another car and the Fox had been repainted.  I can't remember the asking price, but it was astonishingly cheap.


We used the car for two years before giving it to her son.  It handled well in snow and never broke.  It was easy to service and held up very well.  But while it was fun to drive in the beginning, it began to feel like an incredibly BORING car over time.  Certainly not a car that you would want to take on an interstate trip. 

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