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Avoidable Contact #68: A housecat falls in love, once more, with a Fox

"What kind of trips did you take in your Fox?" Gosh, that's the one question I was hoping Olivia wouldn't ask. Thirty years ago, I'd have been strongly tempted to lie in response; 15 years ago, I'd likely have offered some sort of evasion. As I shamble towards the completion of my fifth decade, however, I've come to appreciate the obscure advantages of age that trail the obvious miseries at a more-than-respectful distance, and one of them is this: I had neither a reason, nor the ability, to impress the young woman who was asking the question. So ...


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I enjoyed reading this. Stories can make a car so much more interesting than it otherwise should be. Now I want to know about Olivia's Fox in ten years.



Love the kangaroo stripes on the car by the way.