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Hagerty Employee

Avoidable Contact #67: Having built some Blazers, I want to make a Bronco

As I write this, Ford is dealing with a very serious problem: the number of people trying to put deposits down on a 2021 Bronco has actually crashed their website. That's right: in the middle of a global pandemic and some of the worst (albeit likely temporary) economic news since the Carter era, there are thousands upon thousands of people trying to give Ford money for a vehicle they won't be able to drive until the middle of 2021, at least. Many of them didn't even bother to take a run at the configurator before putting a deposit down. They saw the vehicle, they saw some basic information about the powertrain and options, and they took out their credit cards. Take that, Tesla!


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I hate bland boring cars... Until they are 20+ years old and almost extinct and some oddball one in weird colours (i.e., 90s teal Ford Tempo) comes up in decent if not creampuff shape  --then I want it. Or am at least amused by the idea of wanting it.


"Bronco it" --sure why not? The style of cars is mostly fascia anyways, the cost is in the platforms. Why GM doesn't drop a Firebird body (even for a few years then drop a refreshed Camaro body back on it) on the current Camaro platform (for example) continues to boggle me.


As far as Hagerty Media: The magazine is one of the best, certainly the most consistently great wide-interest (not just one make of car) magazines out there now. More long-form in the magazine is a great idea. That is to say, the magazine being lots of the content you don't find in little tidbits all over the internet.


I think the forum-base is still adjusting to the change as many articles/etc. that should be getting lots of comments are getting few to none. I'm not sure what to suggest on this except people reading this: you can post too!

Intermediate Driver

I agree that the business case for the Bronco wasn't an easy one like the one for the new Chevy Blazer. But it's a bit tighter than you'd think. Ford got a taste of how good modern off-road money can be when they saw their dealers charge over MSRP for every new Raptor for the entire first generation, and the first few years of the second generation. Then they looked at the money the Wrangler prints for FCA, and then at Toyota, who has sold more 4Runners over the past few years than they did during the first SUV boom of the 1990s. The development costs can be better amortized since the Bronco is sharing a platform with the next-gen Ranger instead of having a bespoke platform like the Wrangler, or Mazda Miata does. Finally, the Bronco was a truck, not a car, so Jim Hackett didn't cancel it on sight because he needs trucks to fund a golden parachute electric mobility solutions powered by AI and blockchain.


I predict the two-door Bronco will be a flash in the pan at best. There's a Land Rover Evoque convertible in my parking lot, or at least there was until very recently. That's the only two-door Evoque I've seen since 2015, although the two-door was the distinctive one that all of the introduction promotion focused on. I'm not sure I've seen a two-door version of the current Wrangler, although the Gladiator is already ubiquitous and the Unlimited seems to come with one's fifth tattoo at all the local ink parlors. 


I'm disappointed that people are trying to buy Broncos while Ford is trying to bring about censorship of conservative voices on social media platforms. That's about as un-American as a corporation can get, although it is consistent with decades of Ford Foundation conduct. 


When you write that, "we’re going to give a voice to some fairly controversial people and see what happens," I sincerely hope you realize that there is nothing controversial about social justice, inclusivity that is really exclusivity, or the deafening ubiquity of 'alternative' voices. 


I think/hope you know me better than that.

Pit Crew

An excellent article Jack! We think the same way it seems... bmx and all. 😄 The new Blazer missed the mark with Gearheads which was disappointing, but clearly Chevy made the gamble and seems to have lost even though it's not a bad looking vehicle for the blandest vehicle segment...


The Bronco on the other hand has massive investment and research and they released a near perfect lineup. Plenty of selections to start with and the room to add models if warranted. As for engine choices, I think they've done a great job on the full size Bronco as those engines are very good (I currently have a rental 2020 F150 with the 2.7 EcoBoost and it is a very eager motor!) and with both engines available across the range it was definitely a welcome change to the usual limitations. The only point I think that Ford really missed is on the Bronco Sport where you can't get the 2.0 EcoBoost as an option on the lower end models, as that would make it a pretty attractive daily driver for commutes and weekend fun without breaking the bank.

Pit Crew

When Ford quit building the small Bronco, like the one Bill Stropp ran in Baha, a legend came to a close.  Who in their right mind would want a full size Bronco?  Full size like the trucks that is.  The original Bronco gave Jeep a run for their money as well as other brands.  I'm going to the web site to see if this new Bronco will stand up to its origin!

New Driver

Let’s go!

Pit Crew

Got to agree with you on your basic premise.  The Jeep Wrangler 4 door is a veritable joke!  May be OK for a family vehicle in nasty weather country (read snow) but there isn't any room for an adult in the back seat, much like the Camaro, firebird and mustang.  I see lots of blvd cruisers with jacked up rigs and huge tires/wheels.  Not serious off roaders in the least.  The same with the huge blazer's & bronco's as river toys.  As for the Raptor, I have always liked the styling but to what end is it?  Overpriced and not meant for daily commutes unless you live in the tundra wilderness!  I guess I'm just too much old school.  I was a member of the National Off Road Racers Association in the early 1970's as I ran a Jeep CJ-5 in off-road competition.  

Pit Crew

Keeping my 06 Jeep wrangler for now.