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Avoidable Contact #67: Having built some Blazers, I want to make a Bronco

As I write this, Ford is dealing with a very serious problem: the number of people trying to put deposits down on a 2021 Bronco has actually crashed their website. That's right: in the middle of a global pandemic and some of the worst (albeit likely temporary) economic news since the Carter era, there are thousands upon thousands of people trying to give Ford money for a vehicle they won't be able to drive until the middle of 2021, at least. Many of them didn't even bother to take a run at the configurator before putting a deposit down. They saw the vehicle, they saw some basic information about the powertrain and options, and they took out their credit cards. Take that, Tesla!


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I predict the two-door Bronco will be a flash in the pan at best. There's a Land Rover Evoque convertible in my parking lot, or at least there was until very recently. That's the only two-door Evoque I've seen since 2015, although the two-door was the distinctive one that all of the introduction promotion focused on. I'm not sure I've seen a two-door version of the current Wrangler, although the Gladiator is already ubiquitous and the Unlimited seems to come with one's fifth tattoo at all the local ink parlors. 


I'm disappointed that people are trying to buy Broncos while Ford is trying to bring about censorship of conservative voices on social media platforms. That's about as un-American as a corporation can get, although it is consistent with decades of Ford Foundation conduct. 


When you write that, "we’re going to give a voice to some fairly controversial people and see what happens," I sincerely hope you realize that there is nothing controversial about social justice, inclusivity that is really exclusivity, or the deafening ubiquity of 'alternative' voices. 

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