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Avoidable Contact #67: Having built some Blazers, I want to make a Bronco

As I write this, Ford is dealing with a very serious problem: the number of people trying to put deposits down on a 2021 Bronco has actually crashed their website. That's right: in the middle of a global pandemic and some of the worst (albeit likely temporary) economic news since the Carter era, there are thousands upon thousands of people trying to give Ford money for a vehicle they won't be able to drive until the middle of 2021, at least. Many of them didn't even bother to take a run at the configurator before putting a deposit down. They saw the vehicle, they saw some basic information about the powertrain and options, and they took out their credit cards. Take that, Tesla!


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I hate bland boring cars... Until they are 20+ years old and almost extinct and some oddball one in weird colours (i.e., 90s teal Ford Tempo) comes up in decent if not creampuff shape  --then I want it. Or am at least amused by the idea of wanting it.


"Bronco it" --sure why not? The style of cars is mostly fascia anyways, the cost is in the platforms. Why GM doesn't drop a Firebird body (even for a few years then drop a refreshed Camaro body back on it) on the current Camaro platform (for example) continues to boggle me.


As far as Hagerty Media: The magazine is one of the best, certainly the most consistently great wide-interest (not just one make of car) magazines out there now. More long-form in the magazine is a great idea. That is to say, the magazine being lots of the content you don't find in little tidbits all over the internet.


I think the forum-base is still adjusting to the change as many articles/etc. that should be getting lots of comments are getting few to none. I'm not sure what to suggest on this except people reading this: you can post too!