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Avoidable Contact #66: The autonomous grift, and how you’re going to pay the price for it

I can’t tell you what the price of oil, bitcoin, or Tesla stock will be 24 hours from now, but I feel absolutely confident in making the following longer-term prediction: You are never going to share the road with a significant number of autonomous vehicles. “Never,” in this case, is a fancy way to say never. Not in the lifetime of anyone reading this column. I am stone-cold certain about this. If you want to contact me and make some sort of bet, I’m your huckleberry—but give me a chance to convince you on the matter first.


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Excellent points. I’ve been saying for years that I’ll believe self-driving cars won’t be happen until we first have self-filling gasoline stations. It’s not too complicated for a person to open a gas flap, spin a cap off, pay, pick up the pump, turn the pump on, place the nozzle in the opening, and then the reverse. Trust a robot to do all of this - with different vehicles that operate differently, at least in specifics? I don’t think so.