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Avoidable Contact #64: Why LaCrosse beat Lexus, and why it never will

It’s long past time for people to understand that the passion behind one’s beliefs does not make those beliefs any more valid. If you think that thousands of people were killed by sharks last year, and I can demonstrate to you that it was only about 65 people, the fact that you really, really believe the wrong answer doesn’t make it any less false. On the other side of the argument, we have the Buick LaCrosse.


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As an owner of a '02 Buick Regal GS I recently took a friend and owner or a two year old ES for a ride. His comments were "Gee this rides better than my ES". When I told him my mileage, repair record and cost he was shocked. As a auto part seller I can tell you we sell more parts for older Lexus than Buick (even figuring there were more sold) and prices are far higher. The car has more than 100K and as the last check up compression was near perfect and mileage on the highway exceeds 34 mpg. Love that 3800 super charged engine. You are right GM manages to screw up most of their marketing. It seems like the people who do it don't even have a drivers license.

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