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Hagerty Employee

Avoidable Contact #63: When it comes to race cars, you’d rather have a fake one

I come to praise fake race cars, not to bury them. You could fill a high-school basketball arena with all the people who are alive right now because of fake race cars. There are dozens of children who will be tucked into bed tonight by two parents instead of one because Dad (or Mom) chose a fake race car over a real one. This is a good thing, because as the blonde lady said in the episode of Miami Vice with Danny Sullivan, “I am a big fan of racing, but I’m an even bigger fan of life, okay?” And we haven’t even started to discuss all the ways in which fake race cars are easier to build, operate, maintain, repair, and preserve. Fake race cars are where it’s at, as far as I am concerned.


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 Great question as to what kind of race cars would generate more interest.


I know the "is it interesting (or not)" of current Nascar was a pretty hot topic on the prior versions of these forums.


The factory/spec/fake race cars are interesting in the sense of seeing what driver has an edge, assuming their is no obvious $ advantage making a team superior.


I think it is more interesting though when the rules allow innovation, and the cars have variety  --and for most series are actually identifiable as a modified stock car. Nascar is really far removed from that though (for example).


I'd be far more interested in Nascar if they set aside some races for the "car of yesterday" where they picked a year (i.e., The Bristol 1975, Daytona 1962 500) in which you had to run a production body from that year of your sponsored make with only a % change in body measurements (Toyota could run a Hudson body or something if they had nothing suitable for early 50s  --think of the toy/collectable/memorabilia sales alone). They could be the same spec engines as the regular cars (to keep costs in line). But maybe that is just me.


Spec-racing will never interest me. I only watch MotoGP and F1; and I worry about the seductive cost savings spec-racing would provide both. (Indy car has been off my radar for years.  Sad, it used to be so innovative.)

New Driver

Car sales is returning to its roots; Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday!

New Driver

Hello Jack, That was a Great article and had me wanting to relive my racing days on Kawasaki H1 & H2 2 stroke triples of the 70's. Lots of innovation was needed for machines that had a factory installed  "Hinge in the middle" to cure and motors that would hole a piston at the worst moment. Making those bikes into trophy winners was the same challenge that you've faced and we overcame. 

Good luck in the future.


Boots Langley

La Mesa, Ca


As a modern ZX-14R owner, I can only imagine what it was like to have that kind of instant-on power with NO brakes or steering!

Pit Crew

I've never watched more than 10 minutes of NASCAR since all the cars are the same. When they had stock (appearing) cars that was something I could identify with. Real Fords vs Chevys vs Dodge .