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Hagerty Employee

Avoidable Contact #61: The tricky ethics of building a Camargue for everyone

If there’s such a thing as Automotives Anonymous, I’m never going to get a sober coin. In the past 14 months I’ve bought … ah, hold on, let me count … six cars and sold just one. My wife and I are now at the point where we are hiding Miatas and Neons and full-sized Mercurys in random garages the way that alcoholics are known to keep a bottle in toilet tanks. Friends and even acquaintances have learned not to mention the existence of an empty driveway slot on their properties, lest we pounce on it with the fanatic fervor of a multi-level-marketing representative asking you if you’d like to work with major companies such as Coca-Cola. Including motorcycles, we have either 21 or 22 gas-powered vehicles, depending on whether my pal Sidney is ever going to let me ride the Yamaha FZ-1 we bought as a cooperative project back in 2017.


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Intermediate Driver

Another great article, Jack.  Though I resemble the remark about looking like a Camargue....

Still hope you'll publish all your automotive articles in a book one day.


Thanks Jack, another great read. Like a rather more pithy (pissy?) Peter Egan I enjoy your writing. Even when it makes my little pea-brain hurt trying to keep up.

And Thanks to Hagerty for this oasis of journalism!


Pit Crew

Wait, where’s the picture of the carmargue?