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Avoidable Contact #57: Tragic failures, and tremendous triumphs, of the tyrannous clean sheet

"According to scientists, the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly." Surely you've heard this. It's a seductive phrase, because it allows us to express our misgivings regarding Science-With-A-Capital-S. Those misgivings are often well-founded—the "reproducibility problem" in modern science is a genuine elephant in the room, and many studies are published with great fanfare only to be silently withdrawn shortly afterwards—but the flight of the bumblebee shouldn't be used as a metaphor for them. Bumblebees fly just fine. They do it by flapping their wings forward and back instead of up and down. A few scientists correctly noted decades ago that there wasn't enough wing surface on a bee to support traditional wing-powered flight, but that's like saying that there isn't enough flipper surface on a human body to let us swim.


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Thank you for citing one of my pet peeves in related to auto journalism: complaining about outdated platforms.


Is it legal, does it work? Not outdated.


So much development money wasted on things most consumers don't notice. I'm glad Dodge keeps milking that platform for all it is worth.