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Avoidable Contact #56: In which the author is asked to stop straw purchases, with too much success

I’d like to start this column by apologizing to David Whitaker, who calls himself “The Iowa Land Guy” and who farms, with his family, outside of Ames, Iowa. Right now, Mr. Whitaker owns all four Google search results for the exact phrase “the money is made in the margins.” Starting tomorrow, he will have some company, thanks to your humble author.


Mr. Whitaker uses the phrase in an article about rising land prices, further cautioning that “farmers need to make sure that they are calculating the difference between what they put in and what they get out, especially when considering the purchase of new farmland.” I have a different application in mind.


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Replies (6)

Replies (6)

Was it a white Chrysler LeBaron? Any chance she got it by trading in her MG? 

Hagerty Employee

I know this story is about Ford Credit, but when I saw the image I was secretly hoping the 9000 Aero behind the Ford would play a role.



I loved this story and identified with it...I spent 1990 at GMAC in Toronto Canada and had some similar experiences.  I left to join the Fire Dept. but my friend needed a job so I introduced him to my boss at GMAC.  He went on to marry another GM employee and get his own Chev dealership!  I chose the wrong road there....


Loved this piece. I spent eight years working in my uncle’s dealership, saw it all, did most of it. 


If it is any consolation, as the guy who nailed a bunch of 31 year old babes in his late teens and early twenties, I can tell you that I lament having not spent that era sharing relations with all the young hotties that were my own age. It's all fun and games until you too are 30 years old, and you realize what you gave up. 

Intermediate Driver

I worked for a substandard insurance carrier for 10 years and we had the same problem with insurance. Someone who couldn't get insurance because of their driving record would have someone else add the car onto their policy - usually a girlfriend but sometimes  just a relative, or an employer.