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Avoidable Contact #55: Somewhere out there in the social distance

On my third lurid loop around the two-lane roundabout, the insides of my forearms primly pressed together (as Judith Krantz once famously wrote) in a bit of the old ultra-opposite-lock and a Skip-Barber-surplus 2011-date-coded BFGoodrich G-Sport tire gently smoking beneath the left rear fender of my (wife's) Skip-Barber-surplus 2014-date-coded Mazda Miata, I saw the vanilla BMW X3 and its two determinedly vanilla occupants preparing to join me in my circumnavigation. I was taking up all of my lane and a good bit of theirs, a bit of a pain in this state of affairs, so I straightened the wheel and brought the back end to heel, exiting to the west and hoping for the best. Read the full article on

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My wife and I folded the windscreen down on the Healey and in a brief moment of sunshine between rain clouds here in SoCal had a nice drive - with plenty of fresh air! Surface street traffic seemed fairly normal but freeways are 1960's wide open.

Police were apparently all busy down in Malibu issuing $1000 citations to desperado outlaw surfers.

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