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Avoidable Contact #55: Somewhere out there in the social distance

On my third lurid loop around the two-lane roundabout, the insides of my forearms primly pressed together (as Judith Krantz once famously wrote) in a bit of the old ultra-opposite-lock and a Skip-Barber-surplus 2011-date-coded BFGoodrich G-Sport tire gently smoking beneath the left rear fender of my (wife's) Skip-Barber-surplus 2014-date-coded Mazda Miata, I saw the vanilla BMW X3 and its two determinedly vanilla occupants preparing to join me in my circumnavigation. I was taking up all of my lane and a good bit of theirs, a bit of a pain in this state of affairs, so I straightened the wheel and brought the back end to heel, exiting to the west and hoping for the best. Read the full article on

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The roads haven't been swept, so the salty sand is still all over. Yet the first sporty car of spring to be seen up and down the road the past few days was a black later-model MX-5 Miata with the top down. The driver looked blissfully carefree too. Witnessing that happiness I saw neighbours (raking leaves, standing in driveways yelling to each other) smile and wave at this driver.


There's something about a fun car and the freedom of a road.