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Hagerty Employee

Avoidable Contact #107: Could an EV get us all the way to Uranus? | Hagerty Media

It was a lazy, late Thursday night in my brother's college dormitory when some free spirit knocked on his door: "We're gonna go touch the Arch and come back. Do you want to go with us?" It was precisely 420 miles from Ohio State to St. Louis, and another 420 back.

Luddite comment: when I can pack up my electric 4x4 compact pickup truck, drive from Ohio to the NC Outer Banks on two, twenty minute fillups, and upon arriving, drive on the beach down to the high tide mark and bask in the summer sun, I'll consider an EV. That day hasn't come yet, and until either battery technology or charging technology makes a quantum leap, it won't.
Intermediate Driver

Hey, maybe we get all the wonderful EV "groupies" together on one of EM's Space-X missions and send them to Uranus...
OH, Wait...whudda ya mean the rocket's NOT electric powered?!?!?!

Long live the 'free thinkers'!
(insert Gadsden Flag here)
Intermediate Driver

Bravo, my brother, you are a man after my own heart...
New Driver

Thank you, Jack.
Such a relief to read your articles on EVs in a world where thoughtful, intelligent journalists are saying that EVs are inevitable.
Meanwhile, the leading EV manufacturer is reneging on promises of performance and new battery tech.
In the end, we have to remember that the sole reason EVs have any traction is because they are mandated by governments via emissions regulations.
Please, could you also write an article on EV pricing? Here in Australia, there is no EV that sells for less than the median price of a new car.
Intermediate Driver

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and see the great Baruthosaur. Really hit the ICE-apologist bingo card with this one. Shouldn't be surprised. If Baruth is writing anything, you can bet it's how EVs are killing something or those dreaded coastal elites are making us give up trucks. Get some new material, Jack. The vast majority of drivers in this country commute less than 40 miles a day, round trip. The vast majority of college students don't randomly drive 840 miles in a night. The vast majority of people who own truggghs don't actually use them for truck things.
And surely a free-market capitalist like yourself (and I'm guessing the majority of readers here) believe in the system enough to know that when demand exists for something, the market will oblige. So retire all of your "ThE InFrAsTrUcTrE cAn'T hAnDlE iT" arguments because their time is limited. Doubly so when you look at fueling infrastructure for ICE cars.
Pit Crew

The electric vehicle is no threat to gasoline.

They discharge quick and are slow like their owners to charge.

The heat wave that the South West will experience this summer will cramp all efforts to keep the lady shavers above 80%, Tesla aren't making any cars due to theirs using more chips than a superior gasoline vehicle and the materials used to make the batteries will only increase with demand.

Good luck getting that hideous, soul less, feckless piece of garbage out of your neighbourhood.
Intermediate Driver

Amen, amen, amen!!!!!! Especially the stick them part.......