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Hagerty Employee

Automakers file suit to stop Massachusetts’ new “Right to Repair” law

Massachusetts’ “Right to Repair” law is facing renewed opposition from automakers. Less than a month after voters overwhelmingly approved a plan that allows vehicle owners and independent mechanics access to vehicle data for repairs, major carmakers are fighting back ... Read the full news on



“It takes . . . three to five years on development of a model-year vehicle.” And yet we can create a vaccine in under 12 months. And Boeing  an develop new hardware, software, and training courses to get the 737 Max back in the air in under 12 months.

Intermediate Driver

Its all about money...In this day and time with computers, etc probably all it would take is the IT dept to make a few tweeks and click "PRINT"



When they get a recall or other issue, it can be done in well under a year. They are afgraid they will lose money from the public and dealers is all. Breaking this Fed- sanctioned  monopoly is in the public interest. Funny how they rolled over on CAFE, ZEV, EVs, and safety standards, but now they can't do anything? Really???

Intermediate Driver

As was pointed out here in Mass during the campaign, the law specifically does not allow for the kinds of "data breaches" the manufacturers claim to be so concerned about.  This is all about keeping diagnoses data proprietary, and repair business in house.  I still remember the first time I had an OBD II reader suddenly not work on a newer vehicle.   I was stunned.  Thank god for many auto part stores reading codes for free now, otherwise we would be buying new readers every year, just like the independent garages that this court challenge would put out of business.  

Advanced Driver

Is Mr. O’Koniewski  saying that when a vehicle sells off the lot--even his Dealerships cannot/do not have access to repair information?  Am I missing something here?  No new vehicle leaves the factory without complete ability for the repair of any part of it.

Pit Crew

All the mechanics want is knowledge on what is wrong with the car, they are not going to enter the world of GPS to make the screen better or steal the technical data. You get frustrated that a bad ground can affect so many items, you just can't replace everything. The dealers have a flow chart to guide them for repairs, where is the harm in allowing us to follow it too? Most of the parts come from the dealer on new cars anyway as people want dependability for their $65000 daily driver instead of Chinese junk.

New Driver

They already share the information with dealerships, so it is already available. It's obvious that they just don't WANT to share it with the other repair shops.  All the more reason to buy an "oldie but a goodie" like an E39 or E46 and keep it running forever. 

Intermediate Driver

What a steaming pile bovine excrement.  The carmakers already have have the service diagnostics and manuals for their own dealership service departments.  Plug an OBDII adapter into a smartphone and download an app.  Problem solved.


When you pay $50 large for a vehicle, you should have the means to maintain it.


This happened to Xerox in the 70s and they lost.

Intermediate Driver

As an IT guy, this is complete BS. They have the data, they don't want to share it. Security concerns aside, there is no reason they couldn't. As for security, if they didn't bake it into the system from the get-go, it is already insecure and vulnerable to hacks/cracks and malicious actors. Adding security after the fact is nearly impossible. Look at Windows XP. They finally gave up and abandoned it.

Pit Crew

And within hours of the enactment of this law, someone will attempt to fix their anti-lock brake system, electric power steering, or other complicated system, have an accident, and successfully sue the car manufacturer for a faulty design. Multiply this by thousands of backyard mechanics, and it spells doom for the industry. 


For anyone that might think it is ok for the automakers to keep this information secret. Just ask a farmer who has to take his John Deere to the dealer for service. What a crock!

Intermediate Driver

This claim is beyond ridiculous. HOWEVER to my knowledge the Senate is putting in Trump's favourite judges country wide in place as we speak. So I do not need to tell what is the real possibilities for the lobby groups going forward! Frightening!

Advanced Driver

Do you remember,  The auto companies have hinted that they would be sealing the hoods down on "their" cars eventually, so you would have to take it to them for repairs?  Even oil changes done by them.  Some truth, some urban myth?  This idea makes most guys seethe with anger!  The so called software upgrades are meant to do this right under your nose without you being any the wiser.  Its a work around to take you and your mechanic out of the equation.  Don't expect this situation to improve anytime soon.  Cherish that old classic in your garage because those days are likely gone forever in the new car industry. 


And this is why I won't EVER buy a new car again!


Every one, Fight Back

to controlled Gov. BS