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Auto industry savior Sergio Marchionne dead at 66 | Hagerty Media

Capeless crusader Sergio Marchionne didn't singlehandedly save Chrysler or Fiat from bankruptcy, but without his tireless feats of ingenuity, those two automakers would surely be gone today. Unfortunately, it's Marchionne who perished on July 25th, following complications from cancer surgery on his shoulder at Zurich, Switzerland's University Hospital.

Did he really save Chrysler?


Sergio robbed the money from Jeep and Ram and poured it into Fiat that wasted it, 


The token cars They have left could have been much more. The rest of their models languished. Now the French own them and will slowly erase what is left accept the trucks and Jeep. 

While the media loved Sergio I just never saw him as a person that put Chrysler first. Fiat and the other Italian brands always came first and at the expense of the American branded cars. 

I feel if that money has rebuilt Chrysler like it did the Jeep and Ram they could have fuels much more money to the Italian brands. That never happened and much was left on the table.