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Australia's inimitable Utes have a rich history, and the flame is still burning | Hagerty Media

The sale of the last (and fastest) Holden HSV Maloo GTSR W1 Ute at auction in January for $1,128,750 ($855,655 U.S.), coupled with GM's total abandonment of the sixth-largest unfrozen continent in the world, drove home a poignant nail in Holden's coffin.
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If you watch the PBS Australian made series "A Place To Call Home," which is set in the 1950's, you will see lots of Utes running around their farms. A bonus is that the police cars are all English Ford Zephyrs, the second car that I ever owned. The funniest thing about the series though is that when you walk past all the 50's cars and people in 50's clothes and go inside the 50's style police station, hanging on the wall is a photo of - Queen Elizabeth. The woman is immortal.

Look what he did to that poor thing! Oh well; at least he loves it.

Look what GM did to Holden, too. Terrible. (Not to mention, Saab.)

So, did the market for “utes” dry up; or did poor product planning kill them?

like the very 1st ones thru 1980s. When we went muscle (bent8) in '60's the fordOz stayed i6. The 2V iron head changing to X-flow on thru alu and last the Barra.
The styles we missed w/some of the shorter WBs, or a fav of mine a late 60s lookin chevy (there Holden) station wagon all beefed up for Oz outback right from the factory
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Paul, this may not be quite on subject but I have always wanted a Ford Durango, which is, as you probably know, an experiment Ford did in its Fairmont line. It's an extension of the UTEs you write about, a car/truck I've always been fascinated with. The most attractive one is the picture of the '66-'67 Holden. Thank you for this.
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Love the restomod. Way to go Tas!
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PS. Great article.