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Hagerty Employee

Ask Jack: What's the American Alfa Romeo?

Is an "enthusiast car" pornography, or is it art? Don't answer just yet, because I'm not asking the question it sounds like I'm asking.


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great article!   I had a neon for. a long term rental one summer and flogged it mercilessly as did our entire production team.  The Impromptu stoplight races from the venue to the housing every evening were an absolute hoot.  I've always had the desire to be an alfa owner but perhaps not the "courage" to pay for something somewhat special in the US.  I may reconsider a neon for weekend blasts....


While there were an untold number of Neons that did not pass the long-term reliability test with any colors let alone flying, there are a few good ones out there that have surpassed the 300k mile mark and beyond with nothing more than routine maintenance.
The last of my 4 Neons (yes, 4...I guess I had a thing for them) was a 2nd generation, 2001 ES 5-speed model w/ 4 wheels discs, f and r anti-sway bars and loads of comfort and convenience options (for a Neon). That car went 160k miles on the original clutch and many times I was not too kind to it. As the author said, the sohc 2.0 engine likes to rev and is very receptive to bolt-on modifications.
Yet I's been years since I sold that car and my current small car ya-yas can be had with my wife's '90 MX-5, but a 1st gen Neon with the dohc engine and 5 speed trans is a great platform to build a fun, fast and cheap albeit disposable 'American Alfa'.

Intermediate Driver

I pretty much agree -- except a Neon can be good, reliable basic transportation. It's definitely bare-bones in most respects, but gets the job done. My daughter tried to kill hers (unintentionally) by running it down to about a quart of oil in the crankcase at least twice, put water in the oil and drove it a day (only about 100 miles) once, etc.  It was still running strong when she sold it for $1000 (2002 model, sold it just last year -- she got it around 2012, used it mostly around town and back and forth to work).  I was impressed with it drive-train wise, though maybe she is the exception. Except for checking oil between changes and forgetting to change a time or two early on, it was taken good care of (oh, and the water in the wrong place incident....). Just took her 2-3 years to figure out she'd better take care of it!! 

New Driver

I'm going to both agree and disagree with you about the the 1994 (I believe) Philadelphia Auto Show my friend and I saw the Neon when it was introduced and fell in love.   He bought a 95 Sport in June 1994 and I custom ordered a 95 Sport in June 1995.  My car was ordered from the factory as a 4 door sport with a 5 speed manual.  I believe that I paid $13k, which for me was a high price at the time.  I learned to drive stick on that car and I have to say that it was an amazing car for me.  My car did have power windows (which never broke), and a basic interior, but it always looked new and never fell apart.  I had a sunroof installed and that was about it. I loved that car.   I went 72k miles before I needed to replace my front brake pads and 77k before I needed to replace my back brake pads!  When the car was totaled early in 2002, I still had the original clutch!  I had often said that if they made a convertible Neon I would have been simply bought another one.   On a side note, my friend's car didn't fare as well as mine, and was plagued with problems from day one.   I guess I was one of the lucky if I could only stomach life with an old Alfa spyder!!