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Hagerty Employee

Ask Jack: It's got to be special every time!

How'd you enjoy your time on the treadmill today? I don't mean the one at your local gym, which you probably haven't seen in a while, or the one in your basement, which in my case is currently being used to hold up a stack of recently acquired Earth, Wind, and Fire vinyl records—I mean the treadmill that you had a 100 percent chance of using today, and that's the hedonic treadmill. The phrase comes from a psychology paper published in the ’70s, and it refers to our ability as human beings to quickly adapt to any given level of happiness.


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New Driver

I would attach a picture but not allowed, the picture itself says it all. I have it and every time I drive it with my dog life is wonders. It’s one of those cars you not just ridding in, you feel you are driving it.....   just a wonderful.   So no picture you will never know what I drive.  I have it and it is wonderful.....

Community Manager

Hello there, we definitely want to see your photo and here's a link that might help:

New Driver

OP here - thanks for your thoughts, Jack. I'll give the Miata one more shot (I sat in the ND when they first came out). If it's still too tight then I'd better get moving on the GT350 before Ford discontinues them!


" can just drop the top for a few minutes and become revitalized..."  

This is true of al fresco driving in general.


For me, the answer has always been multiple vehicles, split roughly between sensory pleasure and enjoyable functionality: a tool for every purpose, so to speak. A racecar, when I need to see what I can do. The Mustang GT for twisty bits. The Road Runner for its visceral early musclecar tactility. The restored old K10 for the truck vibe, and plowing snow. The Dually for towing and the occasional dose of unstoppability. The trusty old Pathfinder for mundane duties. The old Breeze for comfortable MPG & slow-car-kinda-briskly amusement. But dating a gal AND her best friend ?! I once dated sisters - several years apart - and for the long term, I'd - umm - advise against that.

Pit Crew

One you should consider: Kia Stinger GT.  No ... SERIOUSLY!  It's an excellent vehicle thats fast, looks great and has loads of tech.

Pit Crew

Here's another one to check out: the Genesis G70 3.3T

New Driver

Look at and then drive a C7 convertible with the 3LT package , you could probably find a Z06 w/ the 8 speed automatic transmission which is faster than the 7 speed manual . The C7 is miles ahead of every Corvette produced before 2014 !

Intermediate Driver

After years of Saturn's, Fusion's and Escape's, and with some finally realized budget, we did lots of research and settled on an X1.  Interestingly, in Eco-Pro it gets amazing mileage, in Normal it zips through traffic and in Sport, when the gearing changes, the second exhaust pipe opens up and the dynamics change, WOW what fun!  But (with $80K CA), I would recommend a M340i xDrive $65,000, 382 hp, - GREAT 8-speed paddle shift-able trans and it can be 3, 3, 3 cars in 1!  Add those winter tires Jack mentions to have fun in the winter and keep the MazdaSpeed too!  Have fun!


The author is still focused on his favorite subject...himself. The last few paragraphs are decent, but not worth the drudgery.